Things I Should Have Known by Claire LaZebnik Ivy’s voice is quieter; I have to strain to hear her response. Things I Should Have Known is a book that will probably lodge itself under your skin like it did to me. A conventional read? Yes. Original? No. But it is realistic, meaningful, really witty and supportive. Read More →

The 2017 Debuts You Need to TBR (To Be Read) A previous post flailing about the 2017 books I am excited to read contains some debuts so I won’t be repeating these, but honourable mentions go to the following: (Covers link to Goodreads)             Now for this week’s list of upcoming 2017 debut Read More →

Illuminae FI

Illuminae Will Be My First Read of 2017 Prompted by The Book Journey my first read of the year has been preplanned. I will be reading Illuminae by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff. This tag is actually good for me as although I own my own paperback copy, bought a couple of months ago on a trip to Read More →

#BooksWithWings December 2016 Books With Wings. This December, while traveling home for Christmas, I left three books in random places to become #BooksWithWings. Two were released in Singapore and one in South Africa. A fellow school librarian recently recommended a handy website which facilitates the tracking of the books. *Great idea for a school library project. Read More →

2017 Books You Need To Pre-Order

The abundance of new books due for release in 2017 is  disturbing because my TBR is already killing me slightly threatening. Does everyone else have the same problem with piles of must-read books? Kind as I am, I thought we’d play dare with these To-Be-Read book stacks. So here is a list of the do-not-miss 2017 Read More →

Puck by Kim Askew & Amy Helmes Puck was an unexpected treat, I  initially passed it over because the cover is uninspiring (Yes I am that shallow! Covers are the first impression they play a huge part in my decision to add to already overwhelming TBR).  It also sounded like a summer-camp type story and I Read More →

Holding Up The Universe … where do I start? I am probably going to rain on everyone’s parade because this is my biggest disappointment of 2016.  I must be the only person in the world who hasn’t gone crazy over this book. I just don’t get the fuss and hype. Is it good? Well, it’s Read More →

Must-Read 2016 New Releases 2016 has been a great year for reading. Not only did Netgalley and Edelweiss approve some of my requests for review copies, while traveling I purchased many new books – long before they were released in South Africa or Indonesia. I smashed my Goodreads challenge and released my first #BooksWithWings book into Read More →

Through the Lens by Shannon Dermott A wannabe-thriller or contemporary? Through the Lens is a YA wannabe-thriller but reads as contemporary. Slow and descriptive the story focuses chiefly on angst and the love triangle that is (or isn’t?) there. The characters I liked the two main characters and was rooting for them from the beginning, Read More →