The Things I Wish Authors (and Publishers) Knew

My bookish loves and pet peeves…

Why I’d Choose that Book: The science of book appeal
the books that beg for attention.

Book Bloggers – Who Reads Your Posts?
Just like a review from a book blogger promotes a book, a share on social media recommends a blogger.

Are Adult books threatened by YA?
Why I read YA & a look at book marketing.

The Dreaded Cliffhanger
Sometimes cliffhangers come across as a cheap marketing ploy…

I love Book Blurbs
Confession – I love book blurbs… Just before I start a book I read the blurb…

When bad covers happen to good books
These are the books that I am so glad I picked up despite their uninspiring covers.

Why I Hate the Sneak Peak
When it’s a really good book I feel cheated that it ends way before the pages end…

Beware! Paper Doll Characters
Paper doll characters are the characters where you’re left thinking they are as thin as paper without the rich layering that makes them come alive.

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