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Hi, my name is Sue.About Me

I am a South African book blogger at Crushingcinders.com. Currently living in Indonesia, I travel home to South Africa as often as I can. I can usually be found behind a book in random places.

Books have always been a big part of my life and I was fortunate that my parents were avid readers and our home was always full of books. I grew up in Southern Africa and I read my way through mystery, adventure and fantasy books, usually in one of my secret hideouts where I also spent time enticing fae to visit my fairy gardens.

My favourite authors as a child where Enid Blyton and Malcolm Saville.  There were few Young Adult books when I was a teenager and perhaps that’s why I love reading YA (Young Adult) books now… but it’s probably got more to do with the fact that I never really grew up! More on why I love YA books

(After several different careers, I finally found my passion. As a school librarian, I not only get to read the books I love but also to discuss them with like-minded people every day!)  Although I am not currently working in a school (I don’t have a work permit for Indonesia) I still review and talk about books whenever I can. It is important to me to stay in touch with readers, fellow bloggers, librarians as well as authors and publishers.

When I am not reading I explore South East Asia camera in hand. I also love creating and working with paint and other media while listening to audiobooks.

More about me: The crazy things you don’t know about me


  1. chucklesthescot

    I was a HUGE Enid Blyton fan as a kid! I loved the Famous Five, Five Find-Outers, Malory Towers, St Clare’s, Naughtiest Girl, Wishing Chair, Secret series, Adventure series, Secret Seven…I hope I get time to reread some of these books in the future when I finish wresting with the out of control tbr!

  2. Hi Sue! I’ve stumbled upon your blog at Sugar&Snark. I’m also a South African and only recently started blogging. How great to be a librarian!

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