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Always Stick to the Book

always stick to the book

always stick to the book

Always Stick to the Book. I have just been to see Allegiant, the final book-to-movie of Veronica Roth’s Divergent series…

They (insert here: Evil scheming movie makers) have changed the story. I know right? Just no.

Always Stick to the Book

The ending is completely different…  Okay so I wasn’t in love with the original ending and yes I spent hours crying and days in hibernation after finishing the book. But it was real. The author said so. So I say so. The end.

Before Allegiant, I thought that Jodi Picoult’s My Sister’s Keeper book-to-movie was the worst interpretation ever. My Sister’s Keeper was heart-wrenching, shocking, amazing…. The movie was just sweet. Sweet. That was all they could do when they had amazing to work with?

Some directors choose to focus on certain aspects, more than the book did. More violence, more action, more romance. Think The Hunger Games or The Maze Runner. I get that. They want to increase the audience and getting the story out is better than nothing. But they still stick to the original story.

The book is always better. But sometimes the movie can be good, even brilliant.

Just don’t change the story. EVER

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  1. I totally agree with your thoughts here! I have only seen the Divergent movie adaptation and was not super impressed so I haven’t seen the others. I was disappointed with how the series ended so I had low expectations for the movie too.

  2. There is actually one more film in this series. Like THG films, the filmmakers changed the series final book to a part 1 and part two scenario with the final movie foregoing the titular “part 2” and changing to a one word title: “Ascendant.” Sadly (from my perspective), this probably means the final movie will indeed follow the book’s ending. *insert tears*

    Sorry you didn’t like the film; that’s never fun. I’ve not read the novels so I simply judge them as a work of cinema and as such, I do love this series. (In the minority here :D)

  3. I was wondering if they were going to go that route. Grrrrr I agree with everything you said.

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