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Book Bloggers – Who Reads Your Posts?

Who Reads Your Posts

Who Reads Your Posts

Book Bloggers – Who Reads Your Posts?

Book bloggersWho Reads Your Posts? After almost three years of blogging I’ve noticed a disturbing thing – the majority of people who read (and interact with) my blog are fellow book bloggers. I often feel like I’m recommending ice to polar bears, instead of a book to potential readers.

Just like a review from a book blogger promotes a book, a share on social media recommends a blogger.

I know many authors prefer not to read reviews of their own books, but just like a review from a book blogger promotes a book, a share on social media recommends a blogger. It would mean so much to us if authors (and publishers) shared positive reviews to their followers. Not only of their own books but reviews of their fellow authors too.

Getting comments and shares of my posts mean the world to me.

I’m not blogging for an income, in fact despite affiliate links on my sidebar and on review posts I have made a sum total of 5 cents (not that I don’t wish for more – I dream of the day my earnings allow me to buy a new book to review). And please don’t think I am ungrateful for ARC’s – I would have little to review without them and I work hard to keep my stats up to improve my chance of approval for these advanced copies. But getting comments and shares of my posts? That means the world to me.

One click to share a good review with your fans will make a book blogger’s day.

So, please authors and publishers think of your colleagues in the industry next time you go online. One click to share a good review with your fans will make a book blogger’s day.


  1. Rachel @ Chocolate and Chapters

    I’ve thought a lot about this since I started my blog. I’ve definitely noticed that the people who come back and comment the most are ALL fellow book bloggers. At this point, I wonder if anyone who consistently visits my blog ISN’T a book blogger??

    I did an interview with an author recently and she shared my post on her website, and I’m doing a giveaway through an author on Monday and she said she would share through her Instagram… So I’m hoping for some exposure to readers (not just book bloggers?) through that. Of course, book bloggers are ALSO readers because we buy books and add to our TBRs, too. Anyway. This is basically just me musing about your post and agreeing that I’ve thought a lot about this, too. ?

  2. Rick Eaglestone

    Love this. I have been blogging just over a year and have discovered so many wonderful book through it, I get review copies quite regularly now and everytime time I do I still get really excited

    I love connecting with other book bloggers but must admit when I comments from publishers/authors who have find the site it makes it all worth while 🙂


  3. Cait @ Paper Fury

    It is a bit like preaching to the choir!!? Although I wouldn’t call it disturbing…because a lot of we bloggers buy our own books too, so we’re still supporting authors and I believe bloggers are definitely still potential readers. And honestly the reason I blog isn’t to sell books so much as just to flail and recommend and I don’t care who’s listening so long as they want to flail with me. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

  4. Heidi

    I hear ya. After blogging for five years, I have realized that I am blogging for me and not the authors, or potential readers or whomever. I had big ambitions when I started, but I quickly learned the truth. Most readers are follower bloggers and book lovers and I am good with that because I surprisingly learned that they make great friends. You are right, though, a bit of postivity goes a long way so share and leave love.

  5. Puput @ Sparkling Letters

    Ahh I agree, I feel like I ONLY blog for fellow bloggers as well! But honestly, the content of my posts are intended for them, or non bloggers who share my huge passion with books. I wouldn’t know what to blog if I have only non-blogger audience in mind :’) and yayyy getting our post shared could certainly make a day so much better <3

  6. Greg

    Interesting point. I think I’ve gotten so used to my audience being mostly book bloggers that I might fall over if a bunch of non blogger people startted commenting ha ha, so yeah I get your point. I used to reach out to more non blogger people more but I don’t so much now. And I need to crosspost more I suppose to vary my reach. Great post, thanks for giving me to think about!

  7. Michelle @ Pink Polka Dot Books

    I hear you… it’s like we’re blogging for each other??? My hope is that maybe there are some non-blogger lurkers that read my blog that don’t comment. Like maybe there’s a librarian or 2 out there that might get an idea to order a book I talked about for their teen section?? Who knows…. either way, I cross post on Goodreads, so I figure there’s got to be non-bloggers reading that.

  8. Olivia @ The Candid Cover

    I couldn’t agree more with you! I try to promote my blog via giveaways that attract non-book bloggers. I do think that the bulk of my comments do come from other book bloggers, though. There are a few authors that promote reviews, but it would be nice if it was more of a consistent thing. You have raised some interesting points here! 🙂

    • Comment by post author

      Thank you for the tip. I haven’t done any giveaways yet. Not because I don’t want to, but because our South African currency is pretty poor so international gift vouchers are expensive. It’s definitely something I will work towards though.

  9. Tracy @ Cornerfolds

    I wouldn’t say that the -only- people who read my blog are other bloggers, but that’s definitely the majority of my readers. It doesn’t really bother me much because I also read a ton of other blogs and have gotten MANY book recommendations through the process! I’ve also made incredible friends and I love being in the loop of what’s coming out. (I actually ended up removing my affiliate links because the weren’t worth it!) Great post!

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds

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