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Book Spine Poetry

Book Spine Poetry: The Things We Do for Love

book spine poetry

Book Spine Poetry: The Things We Do for Love

Book Spine Poetry

Pushing the limits
Nothing but the truth
deadly little lies
The things we do for love

My first attempt at book spine poetry using the books on my shelf. Okay, poetry is clearly not my strong point but I had fun!

I am tempted to take my camera to our local public library – I wonder what they will think of the crazy (they already think that!) lady who is now taking books of the shelves just to stack them in random piles for photographs!

Has anyone tried to take photographs in your public library and what was their reaction?


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  1. Oh, this is lovely! I just happened to try this yesterday and turns out, all my books are of such odd shapes, that it was very difficult balancing them. I wouldn’t dream of trying that at a library. Unlike yours, my poem is also a little clumsy, but it was fun activity, anyway!

  2. I want to try that now! It will have to be with kids books though as I hardly get time to open a grown up one these day 🙂

  3. Love this! I’m such a fan of book spine poetry but have never tried it myself.

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