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The Broken One by Christine H. Bailey

Broken One

The Broken One

The Broken One

I actually enjoyed reading this book despite two distinct frustrating variables…

Firstly,  Farris (yes that’s actually her name… I thought maybe it had some significance but none I could find) was very infuriating. Depression I understand, but honestly she had an irritating way of running away from people close to her. I didn’t like her character and didn’t feel her friendships and relationships were genuine.

The second frustration… A very weak ending left me with the feeling that I was missing the point. Was there something I missed? The whole story was leading to something, but then just like that wham! The End. A few loose ends were tied up but no real closure. I needed more answers, a more profound revelation or …?

Lucy and Henry were the best part of the story, both loveable characters who gave the book a welcome, positive, hopeful edge.

So why did I enjoy reading The Broken One?  I think it was Ms. Bailey’s the easy, flowing writing style, I thin3 Stark I need to read something else of hers. Does anyone have a recommendation?

Recommended age: 13+

Title: The Broken OneBroken One
Author: Christine H. Bailey
Publication Date: 30 April  2016
Publisher: Vinspire Publishing
Source: Review copy

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Sixteen-year-old Farris is picking up the pieces after the untimely death of her best friend. But even one year later, she can’t seem to find “normal” again—not until Lane Evans pops back into her life and pushes her to face reality. When he offers her the chance to find the truth, Farris fears what will surface. Is it too much too soon or just what she needs to move forward?  — Abstract from Goodreads.com

The fact that I received a free copy of this book from the publisher does not influence my policy to write an honest review.

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