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Crushingcinders On Naming Your Blog


Naming Your Blog



Crushingcinders: What’s in a name? How do you choose a name for your blog? I was looking for something unique, but relevant.

The name Crushingcinders originated one day a few years ago when CrushingcindersI needed a password for an email account. At the time I was frustrated with the world’s fixation on the perfect woman and wished I could flatten any ‘Cinderella’ princess! The words popped into my head and made me laugh.

The name stuck with me and feels comfortable and as I love complex ‘messed-up’ characters in books I thought it would be the perfect name for my blog.

How did you come up with your blog’s name?

This post was inspired by a post on Choosing the Perfect Blog Name by Cheri Lucas Rowlands. Thank you for the prompt Cheri!


  1. I liked your blog name when I first saw it but didn’t think where it came from. I feel more linked to your blog now I know the story behind the name and what it means. Love it. Thanks for linking to #Findtribe

  2. Fab story and name. Mine in chilling with lucas because my baby is lucas and I decided on the name when we were led next to eachother in bed x #findtribe

  3. Great story! 😀 Mine (Babi a Fi) is really boring – it’s just ‘Baby and Me’ in Welsh. #findyourtribe

  4. I love the name!

    I chose ‘Dot Makes 4’ because Dorothy is the 4th member of our family 🙂

    Laura xx


  5. I like your blog name very original! I agonised over mine for days but you just gotta pick one and run with it! #FindTribe

  6. That’s a great story, and an even better graphic! Thanks for visiting today.

  7. That’s awesome! Love the name! My blog is just called The Story Goes and I kinda just randomly came up with it when I was trying to rename my blog because I wanted it to at least vaguely have something to do with books and writing, and I think The Story Goes.. fits that pretty well!

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