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From What I Remember by Stacy Kramer

From What I Remember

From What I remember crop
From What I Remember is told from the perspective of four different characters whose voices are heard in alternating chapters this story ripples with adventure, fun and emotion.

The two main characters, who are not only from opposite sides of the social divide but have totally different personalities and outlooks, find themselves thrown together in a whirlwind while unexpectedly (and illegally) crossing the Mexican border. The supporting characters are no less entertaining and this story unravels their secrets as their lives are revealed layer by layer.

Expect to be drawn into the turmoil, flung about and come out the other side with a smile.5 Star

Recommended Age: 12+

Stacy Kramer and Valerie Thomas
Publication Date:
7 January 2013 (first published May 15th 2012)
Disney-HyperionFrom What I

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KYLIE: Mexico? What a nightmare! I should be putting the finishing touches on my valedictorian speech. Graduation is TODAY! Wait! Is this a wedding band on my finger??
— Extract from Goodreads.com

This is a light-hearted comedy which I absolutely loved! But don’t be fooled into thinking its just candyfloss – this story has unexpected depth…

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