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The Great Unexpected by Sharon Creech – Children’s Book Review

The Great Unexpected by Sharon Creech – Children’s Book Review

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The Great Unexpected by Sharon Creech is a delightful children’s book brimming with folklore, dreams, twists, magic and unlikely coincidences. This refreshing story was exactly that; the great unexpected! Like a treasure box full of surprises! Surprises around every corner and mesmerising events that will keep you glued to the pages.

I love this storybook. BBF! Don’t miss out.5 Star

Recommended age: 10+

Title: The Great Unexpected

Author: Sharon CreechGreat Unexpected
Publication Date:
4 September 2012
Publisher: HarperCollins
Source: Purchased

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Young Naomi Deane is brimming with curiosity and her best friend, Lizzie Scatterding, could talk the ears off a cornfield. Naomi has a knack for being around when trouble happens. She knows all the peculiar people in town—like Crazy Cora and Witch Wiggins. But then, one day, a boy drops out of a tree. Just like that. A strangely charming Finn boy. And then the Dingle Dangle man appears, asking all kinds of questions. Curious surprises are revealed—three locked trunks, a pair of rooks, a crooked bridge, and that boy—and soon Naomi and Lizzie find their lives changed forever.       — Extract from Goodreads.com


  1. Well, the cover is certainly gorgeous, so I’m glad that the book lived up to it! I might have to pick this one up to read with my kids!

  2. The cover is very cute!

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