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My Review Policy

review policy

Unfortunately, due to time constraints and an overwhelming number of review requests, I am not accepting unsolicited review requests at this time

Please note: I cannot be persuaded to re-read a book or change a review under any circumstances.

For further information: Contact Me



  1. Leslie Tall Manning

    I was going to ask for a review for my latest novel, but when I saw you were not taking requests (which I totally understand…reviewers need ten eyes like writers need ten hands!) I wanted to send you a note anyhow to tell you this: You are one of the best reviewers around. I often receive reviews from Netgalley and other major sites, and so many of them are beyond frightening, I don’t understand how they can honestly call themselves reviewers. Grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and even misquotes (don’t get me started on THAT one) are just a few of the issues with many reviewers today. I some prefer talk to text and then forget to go back and re-read what their phones have written, with or without their say-so.

    Anyhow, thank you. Thank you for writing awesome reviews that are not only free from first-grade writing mistakes but filled with thoughtfulness and honesty. It gives me hope…

    Happy New Year.

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