Non-Bookish Websites That I Use

Non bookish websites

Non-Bookish Websites…

My favourite non-bookish websites. Wanting to avoid highlighting the obvious websites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, it’s been really hard to come up with a list of websites that I use often but are not related in some way to books. 99% of my time online is book related. The other 1% is spent stalking family and friends to see what they are reading.

I may not use these as much as the website I live in my favourite website, Goodreads but these are all on my bookmarks bar.

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Photo editor / Graphic design

PicMonkey is my favourite photo editing/graphic design website. So far I have only used the free version, but the upgrade is very tempting.

What I love about it: It’s so easy to use
What’s not so great: You need a pretty good internet connection as all is done online and there is no mobile version yet…


I was introduced to by the book North of Beautiful (you see everything relates back to books, it’s a curse!).

What I love about it: Fun and addictive
What’s not so great: Need money to travel if you’ve exhausted the local list.


When I am missing home (Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa) I tune into East Coast Radio live streaming.

What I love about it: Makes me feel connected to friends and family back home when I am in my second home in Indonesia.
What’s not so great: Need reliable internet connection.

Art Journaling

Art journaling is so much fun and is one of the things that occupies my non-reading time. Yellow Daisy Art is informative and inspiring

What I love about it: Fun and relaxing but most of all portable!
What’s not so great: Not enough time to do often.


I really don’t enjoy cooking, but that doesn’t stop me from collecting recipes on Yum Print that maybe one day…

What I love about it: Easy to use app allows you to clip and save any online recipe.
What’s not so great: Nothing, I love it.

Life-long learning

Do you want to learn almost anything? Try Udemy.

What I love about it: Convenient – can study at your own pace.
What’s not so great: While there are many free courses, some are fairly expensive.


I find languages difficult to learn and find Google Translate invaluable while I am overseas.

What I love about it: I use this site all the time in Indonesia
What’s not so great: Need internet connection, which is not always possible on the road.


I love movies and TV series almost as much as reading. Rotten Tomatoes is a movie review website that I often use to choose between the movies showing simultaneously.

What I love about it: The reviews are pretty accurate and you can watch the trailer on the same site.
What’s not so great: Nothing.

What non-bookish websites do you love? Do you use any of the ones on my list, or have you got a recommendation? I’d love to hear from you.

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