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One Hell of a Year

One hell of a year

One Hell of a Year

A Reflection on 2015

2016 Bring it on Frame

One hell of a year. Some years are better than others, but I am so happy to see the New Year on the horizon as 2015 has been one of the tough ones. One hell of a year.

The highs were incredible, my daughters both achieving so well in their studies, my husband landing his dream job, a family wedding combined with a trip to the Cape, my relationship with my sisters blossoming and many fun hours spent in their company.

The lows were hard, we almost lost a daughter and a parent. An ocean between our marriage at a time when we needed each other the most.

But here we are. Survivors. Our little nuclear family reunited for the December summer holidays, travelling to South East Asia and exploring a foreign country which will be home for a while.

I want to shake off the negativity but am finding it hard to find the energy. Depression, like an ever-present monster on my shoulder, rears its ugliness just when I should be the happiest. It clouds my life, seeping into every crevice. Binding my creativity, strangling my voice, snuffing out any spark of self-confidence.

Arguably there are many ways to calculate stress, but is it something that can be counted?

The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale found at Mindtools gives a quick test to check personal stress levels according to your environmental and personal changes.

If stress is calculable and if this scale is correct it is no wonder I am bushwhacked.  Scoring way off the charts, it looks like meditation is in my immediate future… or champagne and chocolate.

Could I have my cake and eat it? It is Christmas after all.


  1. Shalini

    Thanks for sharing your blog with me Susan. I understand that depression is one of the most painful thing one can go through but I feel that it has really shaped & matured you into the beautiful and compassionate person you are. It is an honour for me to know you. I hope that 2016 brings you lots of happiness.

  2. I am glad your family came together at the end of the year. Being under a lot of stress is hard and I hope that 2016 is filled with happiness, good health, and lots of relaxation. Wish I had some magic cure for stress- but I am sending good wishes your way!

  3. Wow! It DOES sound like you had a rough year. Unfortunately I think it’s common that those stressful situations put a toll on marriages – just when you need each other the most. I’m glad that you saw your way through all of that and came back out stronger on the other side. Here’s wishing you a stress-free 2016!!

  4. Sending you lots of love and hope that your stress manageable. My family is no stranger to depression, so I will send extra big hugs of support and love your way. <3

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