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Prelude by A.M. Hodgson : YA Book Review

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Prelude is an original take on the fantasy realm and really stands out from the crowd. Although I like fantasy I have never really enjoyed the mermaid/siren theme, but this story has changed that for me and I am looking forward to the rest of the series.

Lots of action teamed with realistic emotion made it impossible to put the book down and  I loved the characters, which were particularly well-developed. Glen, the elf warrior guard who protects Sarah, stood out from the rest – Go Team Glen!4 Star

Recommended age: 13+

Title:  Prelude
Series: The Rhapsody Quartet #1Prelude
Author: A.M. Hodgson
Publication Date: 8 November 2013
Publisher: A.M. Hodgson
Source: Free copy from author in exchange for honest review
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Sarah Mills is an endangered species— she just doesn’t know it. 

Then she turns sixteen and ‘transitions.’ One magical hangover later, she’s awakened as a gorgeous adult siren— a species the other magical races thought went extinct thirteen years ago. Most girls might adore the attention Sarah’s suddenly getting, but all she wants to do is become invisible for the remainder of her high school career. 

Unfortunately, Sarah can’t seem to turn off her siren compulsion. People hang on her every word. They do whatever she asks them to. The best looking guy in school wants to date her. Sarah just wants to go unnoticed, but it seems all she can do is make mistakes. 

After she shatters the minds of her foster parents with her first siren song, Sarah has no choice but to move in with the class diva. It’s the foster system all over again, but this time her host is a mermaid princess, backed by a council of magical creatures. 

The council claims to have her best interests at heart. They even assigned her a stoic elf bodyguard just to keep her safe. Because unfortunately for Sarah, there’s a reason the sirens all died off over a decade ago. Someone isn’t happy that she survived. Someone wants her dead. 

The first attack was a wraith. The second attack played on Sarah’s greatest fears. The third attack might succeed.   — Extract from Goodreads.com

 The fact that I received this copy of this book from the author does not influence my policy to write an honest review.

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