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Refuse by Joanne Macgregor


REFUSE Refuse by Joanne Macgregor, book 2 in the Recoil Trilogy

Refuse takes us further into the Jinxy’s post-apocalyptic reality. If it’s been awhile since you started the trilogy Refuse gives enough recall to re-familiarise yourself with Recoil’s dystopian fiction storyline. But if you haven’t read the first book then you need to start there. Read my 5-star review of Recoil to see why I loved it and links to where to find it.

Refuse maintains Recoil’s fast pace

Although Refuse maintains Recoil’s fast pace and is chock fill of action it fell just short of the first book. This may just be me – I frequently find the middle book in a trilogy a tougher read. I missed the secondary characters in Jinxy’s unit and the banter between the characters so evident in Recoil but I love the hint that Jinxy’s twin brother will be playing a bigger part in the third book.

A new and edgy vibe

The new rebel characters brought with them a new and edgy vibe and Jinxy bravely navigated the new tension and challenges. I love her no-nonsense approach which she maintains despite mounting resistance. But I felt the ending a little rushed with key players just conveniently in the right place to wrap-up the story. being vague on purpose to prevent spoilers

4 Star

Recommended age: 13+



Title: RefuseREFUSE
Series: Recoil Trilogy #2
Author: Joanne Macgregor
Publication Date: 30 July 2016
Publisher: Joanne Macgregor
Source: Review copy

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In a near-future USA decimated by an incurable plague and tightly controlled by a repressive government, teenagers with special skills are recruited and trained to fight in the war against terror. Now a rebellion is brewing.

All sixteen year-old expert sniper Jinxy James wanted was a little freedom, but now she’s trapped between the government and the rebels, unsure of who the real enemy is. When she uncovers appalling secrets and twisted motivations, Jinxy begins to question her allegiances. Soon she will need to choose between love and freedom, as she struggles to do the right thing in a world gone horribly wrong.   — Abstract from Goodreads.com

The fact that I received a free advanced copy of this book does not influence my policy to write an honest review.


  1. A government of teenagers sounds interesting. How fun! Glad it was a fast read and you enjoyed it

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