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Romance Ahead… Bookish Couples for Valentine’s Day

Romance Ahead


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Created using Picmonkey.com

Bookish Couples for Valentine’s Day. It’s almost Valentine Day and the shops are full of (mostly tacky) red and pink heart-shaped items. While I don’t appreciate the commercial side of the day renowned for its high expectations and grotesquely overpriced novelties, I am a sucker for romance. It might be possible I read more soppy happily-ever-after love stories than I admit. Shh!

This year with my husband across the ocean, my date will be a romantic book. Any suggestions as to which one I should download to my Kindle?

Everyone has at least one favourite bookish couple. I have so many that it was difficult to narrow the choices to fit into this post. These are in no particular order.  Click on the image to read more about the book.

Have you met any of these couples?  Who are your favourite bookish couples?  

Let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

Romance Ahead… Bookish Couples for Valentine’s Day

Noah & Allie couple

Echo & Noah couple

Pelagia and Captain Corelli Couple

James and Nuala couple

Eleanor & Park couple

Elizabeth and Mr Darcy couple

Edward and Bella couple

Anna and Étienne couple

Allyson & Willem couple

Karou & Akiva couple

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  1. Eleanor and Park are most certainly my favourite on this list!
    Anna and Etienne are sweet too (especially when he quoted Pablo Neruda!), and Karou and Akiva. Great list! I’m not a fan of the romance genre, but good romance within books does make my heart pitter-patter 🙂

  2. Oh, I loved this post!! My favourite bookish couples are Nell & Colton in Falling into You; Tristan & Elizabeth from The Air He Breathes; Reece & Pepper from Foreplay and gosh there are so so many I truly cherish! Sorry that your other half is away from home this Valentine’s Day, but us bookish gals are lucky to have some place to escape to in times like these 🙂 Have a wonderful week ahead Xo
    Nihaad – Read & Seek

  3. Love Anna and the French Kiss
    Great list!

  4. Noah & Allie, Eleanor & Park, Anna & Etienne are some of my favorite couples of all times. I love them so much!! Great list 😀

  5. One of my favorite book couples is Zuzana and Mik from the Smoke and Bone Trilogy–I adore them!!!

  6. Omg fabulous list!!! I love so many of these. Noah & Allie, Karou & Akiva, Edward & Bella, and Eleanor & Park… Yes yes yes!

  7. I have Daughter of Ink and Bone on my shelf-I ordered it last month, looks like I need to read it soon!!

  8. How did I forget Eleanor and Park? Karou and Akiva are also good. Sigh…

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