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I Don’t Like Starting a New Book

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I Don’t Like Starting a New Book

So here’s the thing… I don’t like starting a new book.


Yes, it’s true.

Hold on, before you call for reinforcement, let me explain.

There’s a dark black hole between drooling over admiring the cover of a new book, re-reading the blurb insert black hole and getting sucked right into the story.

I dread the first chapter. I don’t know the characters yet and haven’t got a feel for the story. It’s only when I fall into the rhythm that the world is right again.

Sometimes if I’m lucky when the sun is shining in just the right way and chocolate becomes a vegetable I know just from the first line that I’m going to love the book. But like my 5-star reviews these books are very extremely rare.

Now that I think of it, this may be why I give up only a few chapters in if I don’t like the story. I used to feel so bad about this. But no more…  There are too many great books out there to waste time on those that will be a chore to finish.

Do you like starting new books? Do you know it’s going to be a good book right from the beginning?


  1. Starting a new book is actually really difficult for me also, and the more I am looking forward to it the harder it is to start. I have been doing much better since I started blogging, since I now have a reading schedule that I need to stick to.

    I am really good at DNF’ing stuff that isn’t sucking me in though. I just started a new post series about my TBR & reading habits – here is Part 1

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      Thanks for your link. I know exactly how it feels to be overwhelmed by too many books on my kindle that I ‘bought’ free when I first started using Amazon. I have recently cleared by purchased list on Amazon so only have a few books on my kindle, all recently bought. I seldom re-read so I should be able to keep it at a reasonable level.

  2. GAH YESSSS! I am so, so glad that someone else feels this way! Like, okay, it’s pretty there up on your shelf, but unless it is a series, you have NO idea what you’re getting into. It’s like going to a party where you don’t know anyone, and they may be great people or they may suck, but right now you have NO IDEA and no one likes that! LOVE this post!!

  3. Haha! So many truths here! I am always nervous to start a new book. Especially one that I have high hopes for and have been really anticipating. As for the DNFing of books, It has become easier with time. You are definitely right that there are too many good books out there! 🙂

  4. I like starting new books. It is when i leave them half read and jump to other books and then come back almost having forgotten what I read- thats when I dont like them

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