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The books I would like to read… But haven’t bought yet

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Books ! Want to read 2014

The books I would like to read… But haven’t bought yet

Living in South Africa has many advantages, not least our beautiful countryside, beaches and wildlife… but the one disadvantage is that we are one of the last countries to see the latest books and movies. Although technology is rapidly closing this gap, it’s usually at an expense – the exchange rate is not in our favour!

I have a long list of books I would like to read, but haven’t bought yet… These are the ones I am looking forward to the most.


Cruel BeautyCruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge
Based on the classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, Cruel Beauty is a dazzling love story about our deepest desires and their power to change our destiny. – extract from Goodreads.com

I love fairy tale retellings and this has such a beautiful cover!

Goodreads    Amazon US    Amazon UK


Faking Normal by Courtney C. StevensFaking Normal

Alexi Littrell hasn’t told anyone what happened to her over the summer. Ashamed and embarrassed, she hides in her closet and compulsively scratches the back of her neck, trying to make the outside hurt more than the inside does. – extract from Goodreads.com

Edgy and realistic with great reviews… need I say more!

Goodreads     Amazon US     Amazon UK


Alienated by Melissa LandersAlienated by Melissa Landers
Handpicked to host the first-ever L’eihr exchange student, Cara thinks her future is set. Not only does she get a free ride to her dream college, she’ll have inside information about the mysterious L’eihrs that every journalist would kill for.  – extract from Goodreads.com

Good reviews and a stunning cover!

Goodreads     Amazon US    Amazon UK


Illusions of Fate by Kiersten WhiteIllusions of Fate by Kiersten White
Jessamin has been an outcast since she moved from her island home of Melei to the dreary country of Albion. Everything changes when she meets Finn, a gorgeous, enigmatic young lord who introduces her to the secret world of Albion’s nobility, a world that has everything Jessamin doesn’t—power, money, status…and magic.  – extract from Goodreads.com

Historical fiction meets fantasy with excellent reviews. I can’t miss this one!

Goodreads    Amazon US    Amazon UK



Stitching Snow by R.C. LewisStitching Snow  by R.C. Lewis
Princess Snow is missing.
Her home planet is filled with violence and corruption at the hands of King Matthias and his wife as they attempt to punish her captors. The king will stop at nothing to get his beloved daughter back—but that’s assuming she wants to return at all. – extract from Goodreads.com

Sci-Fi fairytale retelling? If it’s as good as Cinder by Marissa Meyer I’m going to love it.

Goodreads    Amazon US    Amazon UK


The Trouble with Faking by Rachel MorganTrouble with Faking
After a stupid miscommunication, everyone in Andi’s new res thinks she’s secretly dating Damien, boyfriend of resident queen bee Charlotte. – extract from Goodreads.com

This book is the exception in that it’s the only book not yet published, but Rachel Morgan is one of my favorite authors and I can’t wait for her next book in the ‘Trouble With’ series.

1st book in series: Goodreads    Amazon US    Amazon UK



DorothyDorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige
I didn’t ask for any of this. I didn’t ask to be some kind of hero. But when your whole life gets swept up by a tornado—taking you with it—you have no choice but to go along, you know? – extract from Goodreads.com

A dark retelling of an old favourite…. Can’t wait to get my hands on this!

Goodreads    Amazon US    Amazon UK 


Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth WeinRose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein
While flying an Allied fighter plane from Paris to England, American ATA pilot and amateur poet, Rose Justice, is captured by the Nazis and sent to Ravensbrück, the notorious women’s concentration camp.   – extract from Goodreads.com

I love books about the Second World War and Elizabeth Wein’s book Code Name Verity is still my favourite read this year.

Goodreads    Amazon US    Amazon UK



Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie PerkinsIsla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins
From the glittering streets of Manhattan to the moonlit rooftops of Paris, falling in love is easy for hopeless dreamer Isla and introspective artist Josh.  – extract from Goodreads.com

Another contemporary love story from Stephanie Perkins – I wouldn’t miss this for anything!

Goodreads     Amazon US    Amazon UK


These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman
It’s a night like any other on board the Icarus. Then, catastrophe strikes: the massive luxury spaceliner is yanked out of hyperspace and plummets into the nearest planet. Lilac LaRoux and Tarver Merendsen survive. And they seem to be alone.

Oh this cover… Even without all the rave reviews this would be on my list!

Goodreads    Amazon US    Amazon UK




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  1. Ari

    Tell me about it, I get most of my books from BookDepository and Fishpond, and those are not the cheapest bookshops in the world, but at least the shipping is included.

  2. Ari

    I am re-reading These Broken Stars, as I finished the sequel (an ARC) and I fell in love with this world, once more. So I truly recommend this one. There is not too much action, but it is absolutely lovely and emotional and beautiful and fun.. I hope that you will love it too. Not to mention that the cover art is so beautiful 🙂

  3. I listened to Dorthy Must Die and have read Alienated. I still need to read a Perkins book and have one or two of these on my wishlist but do not own.

  4. Ooo so many good books to read 😀 I loved Cruel Beauty and These Broken Stars soooooo much! Also the hardcover of Cruel Beauty has a rose on it when you take off the dust jacket, so pretty!

  5. Eeeek I really want to read Cruel Beauty! I’ve seen it on like three of these lists so far, I really must add it on Goodreads. I also am intrigued by Dorothy Must Die xD I’m kind of surprised I have read none of these 😛

  6. I’d like to read Cruel Beauty, too. There are so many books out there I want to read!

  7. I absolutely adored Isla!!! It might be my favorite out of the entire trio to be honest 🙂

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! 😀

  8. ISLA IS AMAZING!! Wonderful ending to the series. And gah, I have Rose Under Fire but I’ve yet to read it. I don’t know if I’m ready, though, because CNV almost killed me. And the rest of these are all on my TBR list and a few of them are sitting on my desk or kindle. I’m most excited about Illusions of Fate by Kiersten White! It sounds so freaking good. Great list!

    Thanks for stopping by my TTT! 🙂

  9. You have some great sounding books on your list. I especially love the look of Stitching Snow. I love sci-fi retellings. I really, really want to look it up and read it. You’ve sold me on it.

  10. I definitely want to read These Broken Stars, Cruel Beauty, and Illusions of Fate. And I have Faking Normal, but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, I am excited to though! Hope you enjoy these when you get them 🙂

  11. I really love the cover for Illusions Of Fate but I haven’t enjoyed her other work so I won’t be picking that one up unfortunately. There’s a few on this list that I’m keeping my eye on.
    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  12. I absolutely loved These Broken Stars and Alienated, I definitely recommend both of those. Faking Normal and Isla and the Happily Ever After are two that I am really eager to read myself, they both look so good.

  13. Fortunately for you, THE TROUBLE WITH FAKING will be really easy to get hold of 🙂
    Loot STILL hasn’t dispatched my copy of ISLA, even though I ordered it before it was released two weeks ago. So bummed … I hope they send it soon.

  14. The only one I’ve read is Cruel Beauty, and it’s really good! It’s beautifully written and does a great job of mixing Greek mythology with Beauty and the Beast.

  15. Cruel Beauty and Isla are both so good!! And then These Broken Stars is a book that I’ve heard so many great things about!

  16. I cannot recommend Isla and the Happily Ever After highly enough. It is amazing!

  17. Aww Dorothy Must Die and These Broken Stars are two of my favorite reads of 2014, both of these books were so much better than I expected. I wasn’t in love with Isla and the Happily Ever After but it was okay, a bit of a disappointment after two amazing books but still enjoyable. I can’t wait to read Cruel Beauty, I heard so many great things about it and that cover… *-* beautiful. I really want to read Alienated as well.
    Amazing list!
    If you have a minute check out mine. 🙂

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